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I once heard someone say, "we are not raising children.  We are raising adults," meaning that what we do as instructors and parents is all about grooming our children to become positive, productive, well-rounded, stable adults who contribute to society.  This involves strategic planning, a lot of patience, and teamwork.  And the truth is, we sometimes feel like we fail far more than succeed in these areas.

Rosecrest Academy was founded, not only to meet the growing need for academic instruction with a special emphasis on character and leadership development, but also to provide an innovative learning environment that strategically promotes individuality, builds character, encourages personal growth, and engages every partner in the process. 


We are not your normal school!  In fact, with the ever-changing advances in technology, students have more resources available to them than generations before!  Along with those advancements, there is a significant decrease in social engagement, reading ability and comprehension, and routine classroom instruction.  As an innovative school, it is our goal to utilize all resources to embrace change and help students not only learn core curriculum, but also become interested in life-long learning.

We do that by providing more individualized attention; small classroom settings; engaging experiential, hands-on learning through technology-driven, project-based assignments; parent involvement activities; dual enrollment opportunities; and community participation.

We want students to enjoy learning and look forward to coming to school.  We want parents engaged and informed so they are equipped with the ability to help their students at home.  We want our school to be an innovative leader and model for other schools.  And most of all, we want a safe and healthy environment for all, where scholarship, leadership, and citizenship count!


Founder & President


Rosecrest Academy is a year-round, tuition-free, public charter school that will initially educate students in the 6-9th grade levels with future expansion to include 10-12th grade.

The Academy is governed by the SKP Foundation, Inc., a Florida non-profit 501c3 organization.


In addition to providing instruction in core academic subjects, Rosecrest Academy’s instructional model includes experiential learning opportunities, social and emotional engagement, leadership development, and research-based technological programs that are proven to advance academic achievement.

Rosecrest Academy will provide an educational model that adopts and meets or exceeds Florida State guidelines and standards in order to give every student an opportunity to excel in academic achievement.


Rosecrest Academy will begin accepting applications for grades 6-9 for the Fall 2020-2021 school year soon!

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